Established in the Elk Valley, British Columbia, in close proximity to one of the world’s largest deposits of metallurgical coal, Sucre was established with the goal of facilitating change within high-risk heavy industrial settings.
Sucre focuses on optimizing and accelerating learning by working in partnership with training departments to improve Return on Learning Investment.

We transform
Safety Training for
high risk environments

Sucre builds end-to-end training platforms that transform the way industry identifies, understands, and trains current and next generation of employees. Sucre’s solution can save lives, reduce lost time, and improve client’s bottom lines by driving training efficiencies, skills competency, and strategic personnel and technological change decisions.

Why immersive learning?

Imagine if you could capture all of the skills and expertise from the key individuals within your organization, distill it and embed it in new employees…

When considered at an organization’s strategic level, immersive experiential learning adds more than a wow factor to training.

Sucre focuses on big data to fully understand staffing skill sets and capabilities. This previously unattainable data makes it possible for organizations to make strategic decisions based on a better understanding of the workforce.

Clients can access workforce data via an easy to navigate dashboard, analyse competencies within departments, and identify areas that require training investment or select individuals with the propensity to be successful in particular roles.

Immersive learning is an ideal addition to level up outcomes in specific instances, for example:

Heavy Industry



Sucre assists Training Departments to realize a higher return on learning investments by adding Immersive Learning capacity. Training becomes repeatable and scalable, improving learning outcomes. Ensure a trainee has the capacity to operate safely in the new job environment before spending training dollars and generating risk in the real world, with real people, and real production assets.

Improve Safety



Immersive learning arms the trainee with the best training possible in regards to Hazard Identification and complicated high risk procedures. A repeatable training process that advances a workers knowledge of their actual workplace through a photorealistic 3D immersive experience with no onsite Safety/Training risk.

Realtime Data



Realtime data on individual training performance as well as organizational metadata can provide valuable insight into your organization’s capacity to adopt new technology into your business model. More rapid retraining of workers through immersive experiences helps increase the adoption rate for new technology.

Why Sucre

Sucre’s immersive learning scenarios integrate with an organization’s overall training and development programme. Sucre adds value by keeping client requirements in focus as we build true to life environments that give trainees the opportunity to experience job specific conditions without the associated risk.

The experience, functionality and learning outcomes provide a wow factor, but where clients get really excited is the data analytics that enable strategic decisions to be made based on previously unavailable information.

Sucre’s analytics present information in an easy to navigate dashboard that outlines skills gaps and training needs within the workforce whilst also highlighting candidates suitable for internal progression.

Why Sec Img

Our Process



Sucre’s discovery team develops an intimate understanding of client requirements


Working alongside your internal team Sucre follows proven instructional design protocols to develop an outcome focused learning plan to capture the right data


Functionality mapping

Alignment of technology with training objectives.

Content Capture / Creation

Sucre uses various technologies based on suitability and learning requirements



Creation of the learning environment on the most suitable platform


Sucre sets up required hardware, software and works closely with the client to ensure smooth adoption of the technology



Data is captured, analytics are prepared and outcomes are evaluated as per the project design specifications

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